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Last weekend was pretty typical of what has been happening on Lake Sakakawea for the last month. Fairly good fishing for short periods, the bite again was late afternoon for everyone I talked to. I did not stay late enough to find what the finally tally was at White Earth but I did see a couple houses with three walleyes by about 4:30 PM and that is usually when they start biting. Everyone I talked to had caught at least one so far. The best place to be is in twenty five to thirty five feet, any deeper and you may be where they hole up during the day time when they are not feeding but the fish there are not very active. Shallower does not do any good unless you are in the bay where the water is not as deep. They are feeding on small goldeye it appears and they must be hanging in the deep water, food appears to be in good supply and that explains the short but aggressive bite.

The guys a Tobbaco did a great job with their Relay for Life Derby again this year. A big thanks for putting that together for the fishermen. The results are posted in the forums and it shows once again how the walleyes like those areas with deep water. Tobacco seems to be a hot spot every year.

Still getting good perch reports from Springbrook and good crappie at Trenton Lake.
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# Andy
Wednesday, February 01, 2012 5:53 AM
I was quite surprised how many guys took off across for the south side at White Earth this past week. The fish are where you find them and some guys are willing to put in the time and effort. Deep is still the key though and I have not heard of anyone fishing in less than about twenty five feet and all the way to forty or more.

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