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You read it right shooting fans, Scenic Sports is the newest Class 3 dealer in North Dakota...that makes us one of less than half dozen in the state from most sources.  So what does that mean?  Class 3 dealer status allows us to perform transfers of some of the "go fast" gear that peaks out on the "cool" factor, and that many shooting enthusiasts drool over...  silencers, full-auto weapons, short-barreled rifles and that's all kind of fun!

Yes there are most certainly restrictions on each of the above.  Starting in July we will be performing transfers of these types of firearms and accessories for North Dakota residents.  None of them are a cheap option, with most transfers being several hundred dollars by the time the federal government gets their cut, and all the federal paperwork is done, and it can often take several months to get an approval back before you can have the item.   But for those that have dreamed of recreational shooting with these items, here's your chance to legally own them!

We will be carrying several lines of suppressors, with the ability to order others.  We have demo silencers in the works and hope to have them available in the near future at some shooting demonstrations.  I am attaching a few silencer videos here to take a look at; look back a month or two at the video I also posted of the varmint hunting with a silencer, really makes the possibility of harvesting numerous coyotes a reality. 

Stop in and see us in the gun department at Scenic Sports for more information on your class 3 purchases and needs.

As always, God bless, and good shooting!

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# Andy
Friday, June 24, 2011 11:01 AM
The coyotes and prairie dogs are in for a surprise!

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