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That's right survival TV fans, Scenic Sports has a new arrival.  If any of you have had the opportunity to watch Bear Grylls at work, he presents a lot of different survival scenarios and information for TV viewers (not to mention eating some pretty nasty things).

Now available at Scenic Sports is the Bear Grylls Survival Series of products, made by Gerber Legendary Blades.  Gerber offers high quality at reasonable costs, and has a number of interesting products in the Bear Grylls line, from their survival knives with multiple features, both fixed blade and folding in various sizes, to pocket sized survival packs with all the basic necessities to get you through those hairy expeditions, to machetes and multi-pliers type tools in various sizes.  Our new display also incorporates many of Gerber's standard lineup of blades and tools, from folding shovels and machetes, to multi-tools and various folding knives.  

I own one of the Bear Grylls fixed blade knives, a late Christmas gift from a good friend, and I really like it.  Tough, utilitarian, and multi-featured, I leave it close at hand in case I have to grab and go.  Some would say I am one of those survival nuts, and while part of that statement might be correct, I think there is a lot to be said of preparedness and thinking ahead, and snatching up a few of these tools would be a good step toward that goal.  While I won't follow Bear's lead in eating raw critter guts and bugs (my wife is not a Bear fan primarily for that purpose, she thinks there is just something wrong with that equation), I will take some of his advice and make use of some handy tools to make my outdoor adventures more productive and safe.

Stop in to see the new Bear Grylls / Gerber display, and choose your favorites from the large variety offered. 

God bless, and safe "adventuring". 

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