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A lot of hunters don't even know what dogging coyotes is but now is a great time to do it.  If you have a dog you just might have a best friend to hunt coyotes with.  Coyotes loose there fear of humans when there is a dog there to run off and while there is guys developing dogs just for this job some times a dog can be a natural or all it takes to bring in a territorial coyote.  Coyotes are very territorial and this time of the year they are protecting there pups and the pups are dumb enough to help train your dog.  I am no pro like some guys in the area but have done it enough to get a real rush out of it.  I rank it right up there with chasing mountain lions for excitement.  You can use a distress call to bring them in to the point where they see the dog or a howler seems to work even better but takes a little more practice.  I have heard of guys using there little house dog, Fluffy, but just don't tell their wife about it.  A bird dog works good as they like to range a little while you are sitting there and can be called back if they get out to far.  I run a training collar and a GPS collar but it is not a must if your dog can be whistled back.  From what I have seen the whistle does not bother the coyotes.  Another guy from Williston takes tennis balls along to throw in the direction of the coyote and keep the dog moving.  If you get a coyote in working your dog don't be in a hurry to shoot as it is a learning experience.  Keep the gun ready though and the dog in sight as they  can gang up on the dog and then it is your job to even things out.  If you don't have the hair on your neck standing up just like the coyote there is something wrong with you!   We have some videos in the store if you want a little help.
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David Chidester
# David Chidester
Friday, March 21, 2014 10:48 AM
I'm wondering what kinds of dogs could be used. I know that there are dogs specially bread, like the mountain curs. But I would imagine that they are expensive. I am wondering if herding dogs like heelers would make good decoy dogs.

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