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Who would have thought years ago that pink guns would be the rage?

Of course, I can remember it well as a child of the 80’s, when it became en vogue to wear pink (for men).  Think that was a bit of a shock to the sensibilities of the older folks who saw pink as an exclusively feminine color?  I don’t think they ever quite understood it…

I would like to know the marketing guru who came up with the pink gun concept.  If you haven’t seen one, take a look online or come on down to Scenic and take a look… that is if we have any on the shelf.  They continue to go fast.  From the pink camo Remington 870 20 gauge for the lady hunter, to the pink-stocked Crickett .22 rifle (who can look at that cute little thing, and not think of it as a perfect little gun for that little girl in your life?), to the pink Sig Mosquito .22LR pistol, pink-framed Charter .38 revolver, and others with pink grips or frames.  I even see Hogue is making pink stock accessories for the AR15 line now…wow…

I can almost see the sour looks of the “oldtimers” upon seeing these new creations.  Don’t think they would quite follow that trend either.  As for me, I say great.  About time the industry did something to make shooting sports and firearms ownership more appealing to the fairer sex.  A number of ladies would not be seen with a pink gun, and God bless ‘em.  But to others, that pink splash of color helps appeal to their senses, and helps them to think that this particular gun was made for them and their needs!   And that makes it worth it in my book.  Why should guys have all the fun when it comes to the shooting sports, and outdoor activities?   These are wholesome family sports, and what better way to bolster involvement than making it “fun” for the lady folks as well?  Are there women who I would hate to see carrying a gun?  You better believe it.  Are there men who I wouldn’t trust with a potato gun?  Absolutely.  It’s a nice option to have firearms that ladies can enjoy, and learn responsible gun handling skills with, so that they can join the ranks of gun owners and shooting enthusiasts.

Pardon me if I am being sexist… guys, you are more than welcome to those pink guns yourselves.  Heck, I guess I could even dig out my pink shirts…that’s kind of the popular message now anyway, isn’t it?  Brave/strong enough to wear (carry?) pink… hmmm… afraid I might have to pass on that one, think the pink would clash too much with my OD green and camouflage ensemble.

On the related side of the issues for the lady folks, what continues to be the one most often utilized carry holster for women concealed carry holders?  You guessed it….the purse.  As with many issues, there are pros and cons to that arrangement.  I have never been a huge fan of purse carry for a couple of reasons.  First of all, look at all the cr… uh, stuff, … women shove into their handbags.  WOW.  How the heck do you propose to first FIND a handgun in there, not to mention yank it out in a timely manner without having a tube of lipstick or other item jammed in the trigger guard (perhaps touching off an unintended round on the way out, which makes for a bad day)?  There are some manufacturers, such as Galco, and others, who make a dedicated handbag which has a separate pocket for placement of the handgun.  That is a much better idea; while not cheap, it makes a whole lot of sense.  I also think a woman carrying a handbag holster should PRACTICE drawing from that holster, and become used to quickly doing so.  Start slow, repetition, repetition, repetition.  It will become like second nature, so if you have to do it during a bad situation, that smokewagon will jump into your hand with hardly a second thought!

Another reason I am not crazy about purse carry is from a security standpoint.  Purse snatches are entirely too common.  Women can make it more difficult by actually putting their straps over their shoulders and wearing their bags close to them, but thieves are good at cutting straps too, if they are determined you look ripe for the picking.  And suddenly, you are without a handgun, just that fast.  But I do understand that many holster designs are not conducive to comfortable wear for women, particularly for many feminine wardrobes.  While a firearm ON the person is always a better option, if the wardrobe can’t effectively be changed to accommodate a carry firearm, the purse is a viable option.  Better to have something available than not, even if it’s not the ideal.

Welcome ladies, to the enjoyment of shooting and outdoor sports.  Bring your pink guns, and your purse holsters, and enjoy some good, clean American fun.

For all of your self-defense or sporting goods needs, stop by Scenic Sports.

God bless, and good shooting.

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