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For those of you interested in the shooting sports, we have a weekend of interest coming up.  While many will be busily paddlefishing and taking advantage of that, we have some other events coming.

I will be conducting a Class 1 concealed permit test on the weekend of May 7-8.  Normally I do it in one day, but I am going to split the course up into two days this month; the classroom portion and written test will be conducted Saturday afternoon, May 7th.  The shooting proficiency portion will be conducted May 8th.

The reason for this schedule is that we have the Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson reps visiting us on the 8th.  They will be bringing a nice supply of their products (i.e. guns....gats, hoglegs, smokewagons, boomsticks, firerods, whatever you choose to call them) to show to the general public and allow them to do some shooting with the same, which just sounds like all kinds of fun to me!  We may be using some of our new targets that we have brought in at Scenic as well, provided they haven't all sold out by then!

We thought this would be a perfect opportunity for those folks in the public to see some products, and get a hands-on feel of them, and also for my CWP students to do the same, especially if they are shopping for a new self-defense firearm.

If you are interested, stop by the shop and chat with us, or call or drop us an email. 

God bless, and good shooting!

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# ChiefDep
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 2:26 AM
NOTE: Just found out today, the Springfield & S&W reps have postponed their visit... we will let you know a new date as soon as we do!

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