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I get a lot of questions on the North Dakota Concealed Permits.  First of all, let me direct you to the ND Attorney General website, where you can get the "official" news and information on the topic:

Now for a little information:

North Dakota (since December '09) has two classes of concealed permits.  Class 2 is the old style, which requires successful completion of a written test, and then a background check, (including 2 sets of fingerprints, and 2 sets of passport sized photos) etc.  This permit gives you reciprocity in roughly 20 states (check out the AG website above for a, I don't have them memorized).  This permit is open to adults (18 years and older), and is available for out of state residents too, but they must take the exam in state.

Class 1 is a more comprehensive test.  It requires the attendance in a State-mandated course which consists of a classroom presentation (content is mandated by the State, and primarily focuses on State law, use of force, and related topics), completion of the written test, and then a firearms proficiency test which requires a minimal level of accuracy and weapon handling skills during an actual shooting exercise.  Those of you who may have had a concealed permit YEARS ago... yes, I had one too, so I am dating myself a bit... may recognize that this is similar to the OLD OLD concealed test here in North Dakota.  It's not a difficult shooting exercise, but I have had people fail, so it does require some effort on the part of the shooter, especially if you are not particularly familiar with handguns.

With the Class 1 permit, you gain about 10 more states over the Class 2.  Class 1 is only open to adults 21 and older. 

Fees are roughly the same; you have to provide photos, but other than that, when I administer the testing, I do the remainder.  I provide fingerprinting, and the remainder of the necessary paperwork.  Fees are as follows:  fingerprinting, $5; range fee (class 1 only) $5; test fee $50 (class 1 or 2), and license fee (to State) $45.  Permits are valid for 3 years; right now I believe they are getting the renewal process ready for the new class 1 types, so we should know shortly what the renewal process will be for those.

Many people ask me about the difference between the popular Utah test (and my understanding in talking to some folks from Utah is that their legislature is making some changes to their permit process, so be aware of that) and the ND Class 1 is negligible.  Utah gains about 3-4 states over our Class 1 from my last count, (although I haven't checked lately), and typically when taken from one of the traveling instructors who come to this area costs you almost double what the ND test will cost you.

When asked on recommendations, it's always my recommendation to attend the Class 1.  You get a more comprehensive training session, a much better grasp on State law and use of force, and some coaching on shooting.  However, in practical terms, Class 1 is best for those who intend on traveling a lot.  If you stay relatively local in the surrounding states primarily, Class 2 is sufficient, and takes much less time and effort to get. 

Generally speaking, for the Class 2 I give that testing by appointment.  Class 1 is scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance, and minimum class size is 10, maximum about 30.  In the summer months I try to schedule a Class 1 course at least every other month, but it depends on interest.  Since I utilize an outdoor range, I am restricted to nice weather for courses (although I squeaked one in December of '09, just ask my first class!  It was a blustery day...)

Stop by Scenic if you have questions, and as always, visit us for your concealed carry needs, such as handguns, ammunition, holsters, or advice!

God bless, and good shooting!

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chris gaal
# chris gaal
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 7:47 AM
I am interested in getting this permit. Are you running one soon. I recently bought the MP40 smith and wesson handgun. Please email with this important info. Thank you
chris gaal
# Shannon
Monday, June 30, 2014 11:20 AM
I am interested in taking class. While I have experience shooting (I'd like to improve my technique. I also have never had the chance to clean a weapon. Please contact me with info or with a contact who may be able to assist if possible. Thank you.

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